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Emerging at the forefront of blockchain innovation, SWING DAO is a decentralized initiative that aims to extend the foundation of Defi, Web3, and real-world ingenuity. Serving as a decentralized protocol, SWING is a community-directed, deflationary utility token. The holder-regulated SWING Ecosystem allows users to submit proposals and cast votes to establish and build upon the foundation. For a deep-dive into our protocol Click Here.


The Swing Foundation is a fully established entity in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Founders who have to develop the Swing Foundation and volunteer in building the ecosystem of Swing DAO are fully doxxed and KYC through Assure DeFi and soon CertiK. Even though Swing DAO is a fully decentralized contract with liquidity locked through Ever Own and renounced after a month of launch, establishing Swing Foundation helps list on certain tier exchanges, develop the ecosystem when an entity is required, and create in-real experiences from the Foundation.


The total supply of Swing DAO is 1.5 billion tokens and is allocated to migration holders of BTFA and BANDEX, migrated exchanges, future exchange listings, smart staking contracts, and airdropped BSC BANDEX holders. Founders and contributors have been allocated tokens that are vested and released on a scheduled timely basis. Click Here for vesting periods.

Swing Dao Allocation


Post-launch taxes will be 12% for every buy and sell and 0% for transfers. The tax distribution will be as follows:

  • 2% Liquidity
  • 2% Burn
  • 4% Treasury
  • 4% development
Tax Distribution

After 1 month the taxes will be dramatically reduced to 3%, and the distribution will be as follows:

  • 1% Liquidity
  • 1% Burn
  • 1% Treasury
Tax Distribution After One Month


Liquidity will assist in maintaining stability, overcoming sell pressure and minimalizing volatility. Liquidity, defined as the capacity of a coin to be exchanged into fiat money or other cryptocurrencies without hurting their value, is crucial for any cryptocurrency exchange. High liquidity denotes a dynamic and stable market in which players may transact rapidly, efficiently, and reasonably.


Our burn mechanisms will make our governance token highly deflationary and reduce the circulating supply amount, increasing demand.


The Treasury is designed to fund in-person experiences, exchanges and long-term marketing initiatives.


Overall, the first month is significant for the ecosystem and utility development and takes up most of that month. SWING will allocate all of the funds to develop the exchanges and utilities.


We are on a quest to bring together a unifying force of enthusiastic apes who share a desire for innovation, decentralization, equality, and experience.

Through the use of the multi-sig Treasury, the SWING Governance token will provide the community the ability to make decisions in a manner that is both transparent and equitable. In addition, it will allow the community to decide on matters of growth, collaboration and exchange.

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